GPD Modding!

Various GPD mods have now been released, allowing you to do various things such as; mod zombies, 50k xp per kill, wall hack and more. Unfortunately these mods are being patched FAST so download them ASAP.


How to Use:

1.Copy your XBL profile onto your USB storage device.
2.Open Modio
3.Extract your Profile onto Modio.
4.File Contents
5. Find 41560855.gpd and replace it with the one you downloaded.
6. Rehash and resign
7.Put your modded profile back onto USB storage and copy back to xbox HD
8.Go to Private Match
9. Invite a friend (only 1)
10.Make sure its TDM and start game
11. On countdown, press down on the d-pad and the countdown should restart.
12. Kill you partner 1 time only (should get 50k xp) and end game.

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2 Responses to GPD Modding!

  1. Mario says:

    Does this work as of 6/11/11?

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