New Black Ops Zombie Mods

Hey, the new BO zombie mods are out. NO INSTABAN as well!

File: 41568055.gdp


Triple tap when double tap is bought
improved juggernaut when bought
fast run and walk speeds
floating dead zombies
super-sized clips/unlimited ammo
weapons box doesn’t move
no time between burst with m16 and g11
long range knife
slow motion, super speed, and regular speed toggle
noclip (toggle)
godmode (toggle)
cartoon mode (toggle)
notarget (zombies don’t follow you, but you don’t get points for shooting them)
drop weapon
kill all zombies (don’t use on pentagon thief. It makes him disappear but the game stays on the wave)
death machine (on five only) upgraded thundergun (kino der toten only), upgraded freeze gun (five only) upgraded crossbow, upgraded ballistic bowie knife, default weapon, ak 47 (no sound when shot), upgraded m1911, upgraded ray gun.
far away revive
long bleedout time


When the game starts, press up on the dpad to activate most of the mods (some will already work). After that, pressing up on the dpad will toggle between the primary and secondary controls. The secondary (posted below) are for toggling certain settings (I will add more as they are requested).

Dpad left switches between pairs of weapons. Each time you press it, you get a different pair of weapons. I suggest you press it and drop all the guns you have until you get the one you want, then drop that somewhere you’ll find it, get your other gun, and then go pick up your first again. You’ll get the hang of it.


OFFICIAL XBOX 360 Modder and Hacker
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44 Responses to New Black Ops Zombie Mods

  1. kevin says:

    this doesnt seem to…work

    • TKZ CARNAGE says:

      Sorry mate, read the top post, all forms of .gdp modding have been patched but we are working on new ways. Stay tuned.

      • Ima hacker says:

        reminders it wont work if you go on multi player ( it deletes hacks i did that and deleted) i dont have patched black ops make your not on xbl have a nice day with the EXTREME HACKS (i died at 1000 lvl from dog :()

  2. will says:

    does GPD modding work offline? and if so does this mod work offline?

  3. chris says:

    where do i put this file

  4. Ima hacker says:

    :Request: can you make a 10000 points mod thnx

  5. Ima hacker says:

    @will no its not normal look at my lastest post to see instrutions (reply on kevins post)

  6. bo man says:

    ok so you just download the file then what do you do

  7. darragh says:

    gr8 modz thx

  8. Bob (not really) says:

    Does this work on splitscreen? (but still offline)

  9. iwanttomodsobad says:

    Do these work on DLC maps, like Acension and Call of the Dead?

  10. blackopsrules says:

    how do you toggle god mode on and off (what do you press)?

  11. Justice says:

    i it still pathed?

  12. BreakingEp1c says:

    how do i put it on my xbox?

  13. grant says:

    hey i downloaded the file now what do i do to get it on my xbox

  14. Ry says:

    can you put this mod on to a USB and then download it to your xbox by plugging it in?

  15. Ry says:

    After you do that can you get it off of your hard drive safely?

  16. Ted says:

    Does this mod really work?

  17. Ted says:

    can you use this mod online?

  18. Ted says:

    sorry to bug you so much but i put it on a usb and it wont let me transfer it to my xbox hard drive, so how do you get it on to your xbox.

  19. Frank says:

    do you need modio?

  20. Frank says:

    can you upload it on a mac

  21. River says:

    How Do You Download the file, where is it?

  22. matthew says:

    Can u use the internet or ethernet cable to download it on to the xbox

  23. luis says:

    can u put a link for modio or horizon cause i cant find the right 1

  24. Da7thSn1p3 says:

    hey, first, thanks 4 the mod,
    good job dude, but,
    can u fix it for working on maps like Moon, Kino Der Toten, or other DLC maps?

  25. ants99 says:

    yea make a unlimited microsoft piont thing then send me an email if u do it

  26. imhere:P says:

    he work on the kinect update?

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