Offline Black Ops Zombies Mods


Hey guys, new offline Black Ops Zombie Mods have been released. yes its a GPD mod so its pretty simple. Just download the file and replace the modded GPD with your profile’s GPD.


1st.) Download my GPD and put it on your desktop (or anywhere I guess…)
2nd.) Go onto your xbox and move your profile onto your usb
3rd.) Open USB xtaf and put the profile on your desktop
4th.) Open Modio and open your profile by clicking the “M” and then “Open file”
5th.) Go to “file contents” and then right click on 41560855.GPD and click “replace”
6th.) Locate the GPD I gave you; double-click it
7th.) Go back to general info on our profile and hehash and resign
8th.) Open USB Xtaf and delete all profiles in it
9th.) Drag the newly modded profile (should be on your desktop) into the content folder
10th.) Put the USB back into your xbox, sign into your profile on the dashboard
11th.) Start Black Ops, ignore all of the settings
12th.) Go to zombies > solo > kino or five
13th.) PLAY!


Controls 1 (Basic dvars):

BACK BUTTON: Controls 2
START BUTTON: Controls 3
DPAD UP: Noclip
DPAD LEFT: Toggle god on/off
DPAD DOWN: Drop current gun
DPAD RIGHT: Change the game speed

Controls 2 (Visions/prospectives):

BACK BUTTON: Controls 1
START BUTTON: Controls 3
DPAD UP: Promod (3 different prospectives)
DPAD LEFT: Turn on/off third person
DPAD DOWN: The famous unnamed visions
DPAD RIGHT: Turn on/off cartoon mode

Controls 3 (Zombies):

BACK BUTTON: Controls 1
START BUTTON: Controls 3
DPAD UP: Weapons cycle
DPAD LEFT: Disable zombies spawning (they will spawn again after the round is over)
DPAD DOWN: Kill all zombies (no points)
DPAD RIGHT: Zombies will stop following you, but you got no points for killing them

The weapons cycle (controls 3):

1. Thunder/Freezegun Upgraded | Ray Gun Upgraded
2. L96A1 Upgraded | M1911 Upgraded (Mustang & Sally)
3. M72 LAW Upgraded | China Lake Upgraded
4. Crossbow Upgraded | Spas 12 Upgraded
5. Every normal weapon | Default Weapon
6. Nothing

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8 Responses to Offline Black Ops Zombies Mods

  1. Luke says:

    DIDENT WORK!!!!!!!!!!

  2. darragh says:

    it does work i done them 2day and its late april thx theyre great but 1 thing when i do the mods like when i first press back or start for the d pads i loose the ability to stab
    is this normal plz let me know thx

  3. Willy says:

    Does not work for me are these patched?

  4. unknown says:

    i changed the controls to default and now it doesnt work

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