NOTE: These mods do have a slight downfall. To start with, the map is flooded which personally i find that it pisses me off but we do have a solution. See the very bottom for instructions on how to take the water out. Secondly the actual superman mod itself isnt as good as it seems. See below to find out.

Custom GTA IV TBOGT Mods v1.0 Updated by TKZ
Tested & Fully Working – 04/01/2011
I Tested this on the above date and everything is working 100%.

Drift Cars –
Sultan RS, Infernus, Huntley Sport
Bullet GT, Futo, F620, Police Stinger
Blista Compact, Strech, Chavos + All police cars.

Tank Cars –
APC, Super Diamond, Comet, Dukes
Super drop Diamond, Patriot, Rancher
Rebla, Sabrect, Sentinal.

Wheelie Cars –
Oracle, Ripley.

God Mode –
Full God Mode + Other modders cannot kill you
(Some french modders tried everything to kill me lastnight and come unstuck haha)

Flying Cars –
Caddy, Airtug, Biff, Burrito
Bus, Pony, Firetruck, Flatbed, Mule
Sabre, Trash, Turismo, Phantom
Ambulance and more.

Superman Mod V1.0 –
Fall, jump from any building and you will start to fly.
(You have no control in what direction it takes you)

Weapons –
M40A1 – Normal Bolt Action Sniper
P90 – Shoots Molotov Grenades
Buazzard – Miniguns
Annihilator – Bullets (Green Explosions)
DSR – Force Sniper
Stubby Shotgun – Rockets
Micro Uzi – Shoots Bullets (Starting Weapon)
Gold Uzi – Tazer Gun (Instead Of Normal P90)
M4 – Mod Killer
Exsplosive Shotgun – Exsplosive Shells
Proper Sticky Bombs (Not Suitcases)

Or you can choose the weapons file below

weapons –
Gold uzi – stun gun, with improved accuracy
P90 – shoots rockets
Saw – shoots bullets + modder killer and has perfect accuracy.
AK – Shoots rockets
Desert eagle – shoots water, replaces grenade launcher
Rlauncher – shoots water
M4: – shoots bullets with perfect accuracy, replaces Dsr1
Psg1 – shoots rockets at very fast rate, can make true 1st person view when in passenger seat.
Mp5 – shoots rockets.

Explosions –
Most guns shoot unassorted sexy time mission explosions
Deagle and rlauncher – shoot fire hydrant explosions
Helis – Buzzard and Annihilator shoot Plane type explosions
Tank – shoots fire


punch or kick a car and you’ll go flying
If someone else tries to do that to your car, they’ll die.
Download Link Comming Soon (Credit to Shaunr’s For File)

Flooded City (Water World) –
Airport 95% Underwater, ALL Lower Islands Flooded, all 3 Islands outer roads closed.
loads of fun when driving a boat through the city streets with freinds on board

In Car View –
Inside Car View Option
(Only on Selected cars, Like Sultan RS Ect)

Water Colour –
Red water in the day
blue water at night

Exsplosive Bullets
Normal Colour Head and tail lights
Blue Health & Armour Hud
Never Freezes
No Freezing Cars
Perfect Drift Line
No getting pushed or kicked
Blue Rain, Blue Weapons icon
Red Ammo Counter
Maverick Spawning at the police station
New Car Colours
Red & Pink Exsplosions
The best Boat Handling
Blue street Hud Names
Blue Car Hud Names
Red water in day, blue at night.
In car view

Cars Spawning –
chavos, Comet, PCJ600, Rancher
Infernus, Oracle, Patriot, Sabre GT
Sultan RS, Sultan, Super GT, Sanchez
Buffalo, Blista Compact, Double T
Tampa, Zombie Motorbike, Super Diamond
Bullet GT, Serrano GT Dukes + Much More.

Credits –
Credit to me for chucking all these files together & Updating
Brady Mac (Boat Handling and a couple of other things used)
TKZ OWNAGE (Based Off his Common.RPF)
Tim008 (Flooded City file used)
TKZ CARNAGE (In car View vehOff.csv file used)

For anyone having freezing problems, joing a game from recent players list or get a game invite.
Problem solved

Download Link –

Also avalible from rapdishare, download link –…ISO_UPDATED.rar

Finaly, anyone wanting nomral water, you can download that just below.
Replace the Water.dat on the common.Rpf with this one – Download Link –…46086/water.rar
Note : Water will still be red during day and blue at night

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  1. TKZ SKILLAGE says:

    for ownage is this the one i got the other day

  2. iiLuZiiOnz says:

    hey what we are supposed to do with one dlc.rpf? Do we need to put it in the DLC1 and DLC2 folders?

  3. Marksman982 says:

    hey i was wondering how do you replace water dat file so it is not flooded what software do you need and if it is VI i already tried it and doesent work….please help………………

  4. lolotal says:

    The DLC is to DLC1 or DLC2?
    The water link is dead.
    Can you give please.

  5. ian says:

    your cheats don’t work on my gta 4.
    your cheats suck man
    get beter wons

  6. John says:

    How do u send it over onto xbox

  7. John says:

    I need help with it

  8. John says:

    Can anyone help me

  9. John says:

    U supposed to put game on pc then mod it

  10. John says:

    When I put gta tbogt on it came up with black screen help!

  11. Arran says:

    come on guys the water link is dead and you didnt have nearly enough instructions for how to find the water.dat or anything please fix

    • THUNDER7 says:

      Sorry its two late for GTA TBOGT mods there just about all patched but you can still do GTA IV mods but we don’t sorry But look around for braddy mac modded gta games you might find something

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