On this page you can buy any mods that we offer. * Please note that companys such as treyarch are hot on patching the latest mods so sometimes you will find mods are patched. This means we are looking at new ways to get around the patch. If it is unavailable it means there are currently 0 in stock but they will be back within a week or so depending on the mod.

Here are the price ranges:

GTA IV TBOGT v5.2 (secret island) Modded Disc – £10    TBOGT modding is patched but if you look for brandy mac (i think thats the name) you might find something.

MW2 10TH prestige (Unavailable) : 1600 MSP

Black Ops: [3arc] clan tag, aim assist and coloured custom classes (PATCHED) – 800 MSP

Red Dead Redemption: Gold Guns and Highest Level – 800 MSP

COD 5 WAW: Zombies Mod – 800 MSP

Black Ops: Combat Training 15th Prestige (PATCHED) – Free

Black Ops: 15th Prestige (temporarily unavailable) – 800 MSP

If you wish to buy any of these mods please add: TKZ CARNAGE on xbl.

55 Responses to

  1. Frezzg says:

    Can u say how to make gta tbogt mods from scratch and edit your self

  2. tim says:

    im new to the mods. i dont have aim assist on xbox 360 black ops in combat training mode. how do i purchase that with cash.
    seriuos response only

  3. isabelle connor says:

    How do we buy the mod GTA and how much

  4. elliott (dnb hitmanx) says:

    when will the discs be in?

  5. tj says:

    Hi do you guys sell gta mods to usa? if so how much(:

  6. elliott (dnb hitmanx) says:


  7. Lewis says:

    Hi could you please send me a message when the gta 4 mods come back into stock.
    Thanks Lewis.

  8. dylan says:

    Hi really want to get modded gta4 tbogt disc. Can i send postal order. Do you have them back in stock. Does it have the sky lift on it. Do i have to flash or hotswop my xbox, or whatever it is you have to do. Please mail me back to sort out. Cheers..

    • TKZ OWNAGE says:

      Yes go on eBay and search for episodes from liberty city special v5.2. Look for the one dold by georgester13. You have to hotswap. It comes with everything on it including secret island

  9. Tom says:

    hey u got any blanc cds in yet and can u send it to england ?? get back to me asap

  10. tim says:

    what is a mod i am really tired of getting killled every second call of duty black ops multi player. i have pay pal account want to buy mod to help my game can you help please from Timothy

  11. Jeff says:

    Dying to get TBOGT v5.0 or 5.2 disc. Where can i buy it? Saw an earlier post with directions to ebay but couldn’t find anything? Help.

  12. Rell says:

    I was wondering do you guys have gta: Ballad of Gay Tony mod discs for sale because I am interested in buying some. My xbox gamertag is Apollo iz Siick

  13. john says:

    hay im kind of new to moding and i was wonder ing if i can get blacops zombie mods ill give u an acount an also i im tired of peapl saying i suck because i sound like a little girl and it makes me want to smash my x box but if u could pleas my name is unrealginger please (:

  14. john says:


  15. chris says:

    hey, i was wondering what comes with the mw2 tenth prestige and if i give you 1 1600 can i get rdr gold guns and highest level and black ops 15th prestige

  16. xxstrifetxx21 says:

    can i buy the modded gta iv game? how can i buy it? how much? is it a burnt game? how do i play burnt games on xbox 360 ?

  17. Donoven says:

    HOW much is the gta tbogt one cost and is it more modds then just the secret island

    • TKZ OWNAGE says:

      sorry but we no longer sell the discs but on the site we have all of the tools and downloads to make your own, as for what is on the mods you can choose anything you want to

  18. Donoven says:

    how much does the ios disc cost

  19. bob says:

    are you selling any modded discs for the original gta iv, as TBOGT and TLAD got patched yesterday? mods v1.0 and v1.1 still work on the original

  20. ron stampe says:

    I really want a 15th for Black ops

  21. richard says:

    can you add on xbox 360 pur3XxskillzZ

  22. schalk says:

    hi i am looking for gta balled of gay tony mods that not too much lol if any one selles really good gta balled of gay tony mods can u let me know plz i know how to hotswap and stuff but i do not have the cd can u make one or send on i willl pay with paypal plz


  23. fred says:

    Do you guys sell GTA IV mods for xbox 360.
    And how much?

  24. GTA IV says:

    What mods do i get on the disc. I would like flying cars skylift etc.

  25. Mackenzie says:

    dude i need infections

  26. MX i DiZZy says:

    this is my gamertag from mackenzie

  27. Bryan Prow says:

    ryt do u sell gta iv iso disc 🙂

  28. MR. C_fluid says:

    is there something i can mod a black ops zombie private match

  29. donoven says:

    i have been trying to modd gta tbogt for soo long and i give up man!!!! every time i see a modder in the game i get so jealous and im friends with alot of modders i always ask then what to do but i dont understand them im only 12 so i no clue what they are saying so the gta modd ios disc is 10 dollers i want to moddd sooo baadddd

    • THUNDER7 says:

      GTA TBOGT has no good mods anymore (no invincibility, rocket shooting guns and so on)
      all you get is flying cars and super fast cars however GTA IV has good mods for it but i am afraid we don’t supple disks for it.

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