Request Your Own Mod

Hey guys, here on this page, you can request a mod for ANY game that you have and want to mod and we will find a way to mod it for you, comment below with your XBL gamertag and your email. Also the name of the game you want to mod. Within a week, we will send you back an email with all the downloads you may need, a possible video tutorial and all the programs that are necessary.

Mods we will not do: MW2 10th prestige, Black Ops 15th prestige as we dpn’t have a JTAG and 15th is patched.

– The TKZ Clan –

162 Responses to Request Your Own Mod

  1. tkzownage says:

    ER yeh can you guys mod the xbox 360 dashboard please

  2. Call of duty mad man says:

    Can u guys mod battlefield bc1 UFC 2010 and forza 3 thanks
    Plus ur website good

  3. Can u mod bbc2 or meadal of honour

  4. Hi TKZ Iwant
    For Gta Iv Ballad Of gay tony

    • TKZ CARNAGE says:

      yeah thats a hard one. Basically, you need to buy an 8.5bg blank dics. Then you will need to open up your xbox. Browse the site for how to do that on the videos page. Opening your xbox is on the videos page as well. You then need to download a mod from the internet. Just search GTA IV TBOGT mods. Then you need to patch it. Its quite hard. Look that video up on the tutorials page.

  5. Jake says:

    black ops 15th and aimbot?


  6. james creamer says:

    god mode and 15 prestige for black ops

  7. michael says:

    is there any chance that you could host me and my m8s a 10th lobby on mw2 plz

  8. DmI x iReConZz says:

    hey can you do a fifa 11 mod for ultimate team plzzz cheers xD

  9. Niall2Real says:

    Hey guys is there any way you can get me into a 15’th lobby or a high account?

  10. classy g says:

    when you get a mod for 15th presige send me gpd

  11. maciek says:

    hey i really AND I MEAN really want a blackops zombie mod so i beg you guys can you send me a message to my email with a mod and tut? last one i found was the accension one on this site and i dont know how to use it 😦 thanks

  12. Gavin says:

    Hey there guys i really like your site it has helped me out alot and i hate to ask a request because of how much you guys really have helped me you know but i was in love with the gpd file modding and wanted to know if you guys could find a new way to mod zombies and make it really cool like with a mod menu instead of memorizing buttons and stuff and if you do let me know so i can post a vid on youtube and make a link to your guys site THANKX SO MUCH TKZ MODDING!!!

    • tkzownage says:

      We will make a mod menu zombie mod, but it will only be for offline

      • Gavin says:

        dude thank you so much you dont know how much i appritiate it and do you think i could join your clan today ill add you guys and all to like in a litttle while oh and i forgot to include (idk if it matters) i dont have a jtag so could you make for usb only

      • Eric says:

        hello , is there a way to do a mod menu for black ops assencsion zombies, even if it it offline and if there is a way, then how to do it, so im positive that i wont get banned, and if there isnt a mod menu, then at least so i can get any mods, my GT:USB(space)Viirus
        so please send me an email if there is a way, and a detailed tutorial would be great so i do everything right
        -thank you

      • TKZ CARNAGE says:

        there are ways to do this, sadly Treyarch are hunting people down for offline mods so the chances of getting banned are increased 😦

  13. Gavin says:

    hey not to be a pest but how is that mod coming along

  14. 012210 says:

    can u get me mw2 mod menu plz

  15. 012210 says:

    ok but can u get me aimbot on mw2

  16. Gavin says:

    so i take it the mod menu didnt work

  17. DnB HiTmAn x says:

    cod black ops zombie mod on a blank disc when u get them

  18. Gavin says:

    site rocks

  19. cooney says:

    I need help modding ascenion gpd offline i cant find any videos on how to do it 😦 please help!

  20. cooney says:

    can i get some mw2 mods for online please like maybe easy ones like gpd mods or like a mod menu maybe?

  21. Anthony says:

    can you please mod COD Black ops Zombies
    (please make a pre-modded account)

    • TKZ OWNAGE says:

      we cannot pre mod an account for you as the mods will have to be on your xbox. But if you want to do them yourself just look around on the site and there are some easy tutorials to do

  22. Tony says:

    MW2 mod menu and anything else for MW2 and COD4 MW

  23. killerzack8174 says:

    hey i whant a gta 4 ballad of gay tony mod callad first person mod how do you do that

    • TKZ OWNAGE says:

      All v5.0 mods and superman mods have 1st person view in them. Just download one of them on this website and it will have the 1st person view mod incorporated in that

  24. killerzack8174 says:

    thank you and i added you on xbox live my name is killerzack8174 i whant to be a modder also but the mods cost too much and i will now open my xbox

  25. f says:

    will you make a mod so that on gta 4 xbox 360 we can fly cars for like $10

  26. hey TKZ OWNAGE will u remove one of your friends on xbl i realy whant to be ur friend but your friends list is full (after all i did go to ur website)

  27. what is gpd mods
    or how do you do them any way

  28. where can i find my own mods from?

  29. hey do you know how to mod your xbl gamertag for blackops? and do you have a headset on xbl?

    • TKZ CARNAGE says:

      hey, a reply to all your comments, we do have a mic on xbl, add: TKZ CARNAGE or TKZ OWNAGE, you can find mods from here, gpd mods are patched dont worry, we are making new gta mods wait out.

      – CARNAGE

  30. lee says:

    do u no if u can mod homefront and gta iv for me guys thanks and ur website is wicked

  31. Tony says:

    Hey guys can u please do an offline mod menu for zombies (ascension, Kino der toten) and stuff like that. And also can you do mods for call of duty 4: modern warfare like mod menu please thanks BTW nice web site.

  32. killerzack8174 says:

    why are yall not online at all yall never join my party its killerzack8174 from xbox live

  33. DARCY4524 says:

    hey can u plz make some mods for need for speed most wanted on xbox 360, halo reach xbox 360 and grand theft auto iv xbox 360 thank u

  34. Nathan says:

    Hello, is there ANY online mods for black ops? I would like to have a mod that i can turn on and off (though it doesnt really matter) , and is tuere any controller mods where you either dont have to open it up, or where you can plug it into your computer and mod it that way? If you have any online mw2 mods (not 10th) that would be awsome. In mw2 i am more willing to go for the more risky mods because i dont play it. Basicly any mods that i can use if i get bored one day. Also is there any mw2/black ops private mod hacks/mods?

  35. can you get flying cars and shit like that w/ gpd mods? and do you know how to iso mod?

  36. hey do you have gtaiv for pc

  37. xsulpturax. xbl gamer tag says:

    i need a moded gamer profile sent to my profile on xbox live for black ops zombies with god mode infite ammo and clip please my gamer profile for xbox 360 is xsulpturax
    thank you

  38. peabody da fucking pimp says:

    xbl gamer tag; piratezombieE
    Game: Call of duty: Black ops

  39. peabody da fucking pimp says:

    game to mod: gta 4

  40. xsulpturax. xbl gamer tag says:

    can you guys invite me to a black ops modded zombie lobby please i want to see how it is my friend mods but his jtag broke

  41. john says:

    vrgbr@yahoocom email xbl unrealginger66 unlimited ammo.points extra high. super jump non clip god mode all wepons an invincibility please.

  42. Chris says:

    can u give me infections on MW2 My GT: x DioBoLiCaL x

  43. imahacker says:

    :request: 10000 points when you have no money or atleast a button sincirly
    xbla g4angst4

  44. jacob farah says:

    gt: TERMANTEDNINJ4 if not for the ninj4 part try N1NJ4 and i would like to mod gta iv and gta iv tbogt the modz i would like are all the police modz all police vechicals and uniforms i want to be able to pull people over and do chases and all that thanks

  45. Ninja523 says:

    can i Mod for black ops

  46. darragh says:

    hey is there any chance you could put up some codes for moddingmy own gpd coz i got gpd editor but dont know what codesto put in plzput up some code thx

  47. xxstrifetxx21 says:

    can you guys please mod gta iv liberty city for me

  48. darragh says:

    can ya make a mod menu for any cod zombies or not offline

  49. Electrical Acid says:

    Hello,Can any buddy sell me a GTA TBOGT 5.3 Mod Disk for xbox 360. I can’t use EBAY but i can use pay pal. can any one help? i need it 20.00$ OR BELOW! Just Message me here if you can THX. I also live in U.S Here is my email.

    • TKZ OWNAGE says:

      sorry mate we are out of stock. Unfortunatly it will be unlikely that we will be making more. But we can give you helpful advice and tips on how to mod yourself

  50. NineTailKitsune says:

    Hey, i need important tips on gta tbogt mod editing, i know all the basics and some of the editing, as i’ve been doing it for years now, but…There’s still some editing things that confuse me, and i’m trying to make the perfect mods for myself, but it’s not all the way working yet. i need to know: 1.How do i make the Daytime Sky clear blue without any clouds?(i messed around with it, and got the nighttime clear, but not day, could it have to do with the ambient and directional light and if so, what color to change them to?) 2.I’m really trying to figure out how to unlock all multiplayer clothes at a low level, but also at the same time, trying to be able to choose the clothes without it freezing in the clothes menu, any ideas on that one? 3.In the Vehicles.ide file, which number represents how high or how low the car will be on the ground? 4.I wish to get Tony spawning in the multiplayer peds with guns, but when i try, everything is invisible except his hands and his head, and he doesn’t have a gun on him, any way to fix that? 5.i noticed the Moon hardly ever ever ever shows up, any way to change the size of it or make it to where it doesn’t rotate? 6.I’ve been doing some thinking about vehicle mods (yes, on xbox 360, not pc), and i’m fully aware that it’s impossible to do because of the file not being able to get bigger…well, then, how about making even smaller car files for the cars i never drive, and that could make up for putting in one new big car mod file, like a 1977 pontiac trans am to replace the firebird, any way of finding smaller car files, so that maybe this idea might work? 7.I would like Brady mac & shadovv’s stand-alone Map Editor, i know people have it, but it’s not very widely distributed at all, i guess he wanted to keep it for himself, but any way i would be able to get that program?
    Sorry for making this a long list, but i’m just really trying to understand how to do the complicated stuff, Many thanks, i’ll be patiently waiting for a reply

  51. BRANDEN says:


  52. xsulpturax. xbl gamer tag says:

    hey i have modio but i have no clue how to mod with it

  53. iwanttomodsobad says:

    Can u do a mod where there can be wonder weapons in multiplayer on black ops? Ex: ray gun, thunder gun, etc.

  54. dylan lester says:

    can i get the GTA IV TBOGT v5.2 (secret island) Modded Disc plz

  55. DEATHMATCH21 says:

    EAT !MY! LEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. K1LL sw1tch 1O1 says:

    GTA tbogt online

  57. teddy says:

    can u mod mw2 in a private match team deathmatch with super jump super speed and all that? thanks! add wut ever else u think is cool

  58. umomsofat says:

    Um can i have an aimbot for xbox 360 and ps3? Thx

  59. can u get me an aimbot for black ops? thx plz make it ps3 or xbox360

  60. Daniel says:

    Gamer Tag:FlambeTable
    Email to send and
    Please mod:Black-Ops Zombies

  61. Daniel says:

    yo hello can anyone mod black-ops zombies for me (360) like unlimited ammo, no reload, invulerability (least needed), unlimited money (most needed)
    Much appreciated.

  62. joe says:

    any way to get black ops gold guns w/ out 14th prestige anymore?

  63. dylan says:

    can you mod gta iv online ?

  64. danny says:

    call of duty black ops mod menu and every golden gun and every lobby plz

  65. can i have a mw2 aimbot, 10th prestige hack (no jtag). if thats not possible then can u use those hacks 4 w@w.

    GT: Viper8750

  66. Austin says:

    I need some help on modding GTA IV TBOGT

  67. Austin says:


  68. GTA IV TBOGT says:

    Please help me get some cop mods for this game thankyou

  69. matty79310 says:

    hello can you get a mod for gta tbogt that locks the wanted level please ?:)

  70. ghswarfare says:

    Fifa 11

  71. Daniel says:

    xboxlive gamertag – daniie1655
    game wanted to mod – grand theft auto IV
    email –
    is it possible for u guys to give me a superjump mod. i have been looking for one but there all for pc. Modio doesnt have any superjump mods pleeeaassee help!!!

  72. moderncolin says:

    Can 1 of you great people make a coin injecting program for fifa 10 or 11 or how would you go about doing it ?

  73. jerwin2195 says:

    hey is there any mods for regular gta 4 that haveto do with car packs? or creating your own cars and the features also for cod blackops zombies both fo x box 360

  74. xii Maik lll says:

    MW2=I just want to be prestige 9 level 70, I do not unllock all, I just want to change me prestige. My GT: xii Maik lll
    Black ops= I know there are zombies hack BO as a CL for infinite ammo, pick any weapon …. as a CL.

    My GT: xii Maik lll

  75. James Pittam says:

    hi i hant to put real cars in gta 4 is there anyway?

  76. Jim says:

    Can u hack Fut 12 To Get Coins Or Players ?


    • THUNDER7 says:

      no we not yet anyway but we should have the vitule pro mod soon so keep checking back and we will be doing competitions to win money and payers on fifa 12 in the next few weeks.
      two great reasons to come back

  77. Jim says:

    Is there any hacks/mods for Fut 11 to get free coins or players ?


  78. Nate says:

    I was wondering if you could find a way to add cars to gta4 with a usb.Right now you can only do it for pc.

  79. israel momo says:

    heyy caan youm guys mod me a gta tbogt withany cars audi R8 lambos and all ferraries and real cars email me im willing to PAY!!!!

  80. Adam says:

    Can you mod Fifa 12 career mode for lots of cash and wages

  81. ty says:

    microsoft point mod plz

  82. Is there any way you can mod the car models in GTA: IV, like use the PC models on Xbox 360. Please email me the mods to as I will be glad to test them. Can you also make me the mods so that it says “MuzzaHukka’s Mods”? Thanks in Advance

  83. tim says:

    can u show me how to get the flying bus for gta iv
    my gamertag is :timscasa

  84. GHOST says:

    Can u tell me how to mod black ops zombies please….if i use my gpd with the title updates gone can i still mod bops zombies

  85. jas hyde says:

    hey can u mod the general lee on gta iv for me plz

  86. Baswijchen says:

    Could you mod fifa 12 ultimate team?

  87. xXXXXXXXXx says:

    I want a mod menu for black ops offline splitscreen. Xbox 360 also is it possable as 1 for mw2 splitscreen 2 thanks.

  88. Jack says:

    Can I have a 10th prestige mod or an aimbot for mw3?

  89. ash says:

    can you plz mod fifa ultimate team coins my GT is xLeGeNdZx 45H and my email adress is

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